• Interest rate decline confirmed.

    Posted on May 13 2024

    The interest rate decline initiated earlier this year is confirmed.

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  • An exclusive partnership with Architecture de Collection agency

    Posted on March 20 2024

    We are thrilled to announce our partnership with French specialists in the sale of architectural assets.

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  • Do your bit for the festive season

    Posted on December 18 2023

    To celebrate the festive season, real estate is joining a good cause.
    We present "Thank you Max".
    Good luck and all the best for 2024. We'll be at your side for all your real estate projects.

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  • Un inimitable style de vie

    Property trend in 2023 in Provence

    Posted on July 05 2023

    Now is the time to take advantage of the downward trend in property prices in the south of France.

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  • Getting a new life for 2022

    Posted on December 08 2021

    Getting a new life for 2022 ! Wishing the best for you in Provence and on the French Riviera.

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  • How to maximise your chances of selling at the best price?

    Posted on April 17 2021

    Advise to sellers !
    Whenever you want to sell your property, it is understandable that you want to get the best price for it. To succed, it is better to "prepare" the ground beforehand. Here are a few advices.

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  • domaine viticole luxueux en Provence

    Investing in luxury real estate

    Posted on January 13 2021

    A choice for a better life in Provence and French Riviera.

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  •  Pourquoi vivre en Provence ?

    Why you must live in Provence?

    Posted on October 06 2020
    Provence shines with its culture and history. Provence is a part of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region and benefits from the Mediterranean climate. Whether for an expatriation or to start a new career, Provence offers many professional and personal opportunities.
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  • Rhône Valley & Provence - A preview of the 2020 vintage

    Posted on September 23 2020

    A solar vintage !
    To be shared with passionates with a view to acquiring a vineyard in Provence.

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  • Provence, a French "art de vivre" !

    Posted on May 07 2020

    The time has come to live a better life!
    Your tomorrow's project starts now and investing in Provence is a guarantee for future.

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  • chateauneuf du pape vineyard

    Dreaming of space and nature? Buy your vineyard with VIP Real Estate!

    Posted on April 21 2020

    Dreaming of space and nature? Buy your vineyard with VIP Real Estate!
    It is now the time to think about our lives after the lock down !

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  • Buying your dream home in Provence with us: the buying process

    Posted on March 10 2020

    Purchasing a property in France may be daunting for the unexperienced buyer, especially if you are not familiar with the legal process and don’t speak French.

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